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Launching a Web Server for Home Monitoring

Home Automation Website

Last year we talked about setting up simple home automation. Building off of that, let’s talk about setting up a web server on the SBC to share data on the world wide web.

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How to Log to USB Flash Drives from the SBC

Logging data to a USB Flash Drive on an SBC

There are quite a few users making their Phidget SBCs do data acquisition, and perhaps this is the plan you have for yours. Depending on how much data you want to collect, and because of limited space on the SBC itself, you’ll

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How to Set up Wireless Communication on an SBC When an Ad-Hoc Network Won’t Work

3703 Wireless WiFi Adaptor

Recently, we have had several people reporting that our instructions for setting up an ad-hoc network with the SBC3 do not work. I, as lead support at Phidgets, decided to investigate. Yup, that’s broken. There are two reasons this might not

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Giving Your Robot Eyes: Image Processing on the SBC with OpenCV

Having a webcam is all well and good, but what can we do with it? Well as it turns out, rather a lot. Computer vision (CV) is a big part of advanced robotics and CV algorithms have become the subject of much

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How To Set Up Simple Home Automation With Phidgets

This simple project will take you through the basics of getting some interior sensing and home automation set up. The project runs from a Phidgets SBC, will read light and sound and turn a light on and off remotely. You

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How To Get Your SBC Up And Working

This tutorial gives first time Phidgets SBC3 users a quick guide for getting started. Learn all about the web interface, get your packages installed, get your feet wet with some ssh and run a couple of examples in both C

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