How to Make a Phidgets-powered Night Light


Waking Up on the Right Side of the Bed Night Light

Use Phidgets to control a night light. In this project a pressure sensitive rug is attached to the SBC digital inputs to turn the LED light on and off. When the light is triggered, the SBC polls a temperature sensor and the lights takes on a colour based on the temperature outside. As the temperature changes, so does the colour displayed by the light. An IR distance sensor allows you to simply reach over and turn the light on (to white light) or off, so you don’t have to step on the rug all the time for light.

Start this project by getting a Phidget SBC, an 1125 temperature/humidity sensor, an 1103 IR distance sensor, a package of super-flux RGB LEDs, some wire, a couple sensor cables (350cm and 10cm), a rug, cork board, foam, aluminum foil and a lamp that’ll fit the SBC.

For the full directions, and to vote for the project in the Instructables Sensor Contest, read on here.



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