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Encoder Velocity: A Common Miscalculation

Encoders are commonly used to track the position, velocity, and acceleration of motors and other mechanical objects. If you are new to the operation of encoders, please refer to the Phidgets Encoder Primer for information that may help in understanding this

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Find Us Featured on EEWeb.Com

We’re pleased to be featured as EEWeb.Com‘s site of the day. Other featured sites have included, Hackster, littleBits and more. You can find us on the front page starting March 23rd, 2015, then look for our feature page at this EEWeb

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Max And Phidgets Disco LED

This project will introduce you to how Max works with Phidgets Interfaces. This tutorial will give you the basics so you can develop more complex projects on your own. The possibilities are countless. Materials Phidget Interfacekit 8/8/8 (like the 1018_2)

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A Bot that Rocks the Boat

Originally posted on The Pixelated Historian:
There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an idea become reality. With some help from Dr. Turkel, my interactive exhibit is starting to take physical shape! As mentioned in my previous interactive exhibit design post,…

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