A Bot that Rocks the Boat

The Pixelated Historian

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an idea become reality. With some help from Dr. Turkel, my interactive exhibit is starting to take physical shape!

As mentioned in my previous interactive exhibit design post, my robot will respond to user input by replaying a hypothetical journey of a 16th-century Portuguese merchant. The mechanics are based on a drawing robot. While my plan is to showcase a historic trade route, this robot could narrate any sort of journey, be refitted as a drawbot, or act as a game interface – it can be modified to do anything where a pointer and display are needed.

The Robot

A piece of foam core is held within the frame  of the robot. A map will be mounted to its surface. The usable surface of the foam core measures 43.5×21.5cm.

A bar across the back of the frame supports two stepper motors and a…

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