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Whitepaper: Choosing the Right Hardware for Prototyping

Prototype of the boxing Bots using Phidgets (Photo credit: Clint Rutkas)

When prototyping an idea, it’s important to choose components that will help prove the concept, allow the design to be evaluated and give a basis from which the final product can be derived. There are many options for hardware to use in prototypes, from the costly, proprietary packages like National Instruments to the low-cost and open source options like Arduino, and the multilingual, mid-cost solutions like Phidgets.

Different projects have different requirements, but Phidgets safely falls in the middle of the two extremes providing easy integration and cost-effectiveness. However, both National Instruments and Arduino type products can be useful depending on your goal.

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Is 3D Printing Right For You?

3D Printed Sculptures made at Phidgets

  3D printers are incredible machines, but I’ve been told that 3D printing isn’t the hobby, it’s the maintenance of the printer that is the hobby. None of the consumer or DIY 3D printers are at the level of set

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