Sensor Sunday: Wearable magnetic sensors, sensing escaped prisoners, preventing railway fatalities and more

Feeling Magnetic Fields

This weeks sensor news comes from all over the world and from all fields. We’ll start with the emergence of a new smart city, talk about a new sensor being developed and finish it off with some creative uses of senses that we’ve seen. Read on to find out more.

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4 Projects You Can Do With Raspberry Pi and Phidgets

Raspberry Pi Phidgets RFID

Connecting Phidgets to Raspberry Pi is increasing in popular. The Raspberry Pi allows Phidgets to work in more remote places where a user might not want to put a PC.

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Sensor Sunday: Sports Sensors, Pollution Sensors and Wine Robots

Better Wine Thanks to a Wine Sensing Robot

News this week is all about Super Bowl, and even sensors can’t escape being drawn into the media flurry. Plenty more sensor news is out there to cover including bike sensors, pollution sensors for marathon runners and much more! Footballers Find Sensors

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Sensor Sunday: Self-Cleaning Sensors, Environmental Sensors and Sensing Art

Sensors are more and more prevalent, and with this weeks news, we see how they’re presence is growing, from self-cleaning sensors to sensors in art to environmental sensors.

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Sensor Sundays: Detecting Life, Fighting Pollution and the ISS Sensors


Last weeks, sensors dominated the Consumer Electronics Show. They showed up in everything from wearables to home automation. In fact, Jack Smith, managing partner and director of digital platforms at GroupM said to Adweek that “sensors will have bigger impact on marketing than the internet did.” 2015 is going to be an exciting year for the sensor industry, and even just a couple of weeks in, there are some amazing developments.

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Whitepaper: Choosing the Right Hardware for Prototyping

Prototype of the boxing Bots using Phidgets (Photo credit: Clint Rutkas)

When prototyping an idea, it’s important to choose components that will help prove the concept, allow the design to be evaluated and give a basis from which the final product can be derived. There are many options for hardware to use in prototypes, from the costly, proprietary packages like National Instruments to the low-cost and open source options like Arduino, and the multilingual, mid-cost solutions like Phidgets.

Different projects have different requirements, but Phidgets safely falls in the middle of the two extremes providing easy integration and cost-effectiveness. However, both National Instruments and Arduino type products can be useful depending on your goal.

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Specialized Sensor Series #2 – Water Quality Sensors

Specialized Sensor Series #2 - Water Quality Sensors

At Phidgets, we try to make a wide variety of sensors available to our customers. If we can’t make the sensor ourselves, we try to find a manufacturer so we can sell a third-party sensor to fill the gap. However,

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