Sensor Sunday: Sports Sensors, Pollution Sensors and Wine Robots

News this week is all about Super Bowl, and even sensors can’t escape being drawn into the media flurry. Plenty more sensor news is out there to cover including bike sensors, pollution sensors for marathon runners and much more!

Footballers Find Sensors Around The Field

Zebra Technologies has partnered with the NFL to put sensors around the field, including one inside the football itself that will track where the ball is on the field with an accuracy of six inches. While the technology won’t be used to referee the game, it could provide interesting information and stats for fans and coaches. For instance, it will be able to tell who has the most powerful throw.

(via USA Today)

Football Fans Help Seismologists Learn About Earthquakes

Football Fans Help Seismologists Learn About Earthquakes

Football Fans Help Seismologists Learn About Earthquakes (Photo credit: PNSN)

Seahawks fans helped science by creating fake earthquakes. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) placed seismic sensors at varying levels under the CenturyLink Field. The scientists use the data and the fans to modify and test new technology.

(via Sport Techie)

Sensors Will Smarten Up Your Bike Ride

Vanhawks Valour, the sleek light-weight bike packed with sensors, will be rolling out across the world later this year. The bike, which gained 802 funders on its 2014 Kickstarter campaign, is equipped with Bluetooth that will connect sensors for blind-spots, a GPS-equipped accelerometer for tracking your ride, LED lights and turn-by-turn directions. Given the popularity of wearables and the ubiquity of car sensors, it’s about time that sensors connected with cyclists.

(via The Toronto Star)

Marathon Runners Able to Monitor Air Pollution Along the Route

Sensors were installed along the Hong Kong Marathon route to track pollution. Pollutants like ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and PM2.5 can be hazardous to human health. Runners can be especially affected by severe pollution and care about what they’ll be breathing in. These new sensors allowed runners to check the specific air-quality all along the route that they ran last week.

(via South China Morning Post)

Bed Light Brings Light To A Dark Room Just When Needed

Bed Light Brings Light To A Dark Room Just When Needed

Bed Light allows you to check on babies or use the washroom without disturbing your partner’s sleep (Photo credit: Mylight)

The e3light company has come up with a simple solution for seeing in the dark. The technology uses motion detectors and LED light strips installed underneath a bed. When motion is detected, the lights softly illuminate the floor. It’s an easy technology, and we at Phidgets wonder who will make this with Phidgets first.

(via Daily Mail)

Better Wine Thanks to a Wine Sensing Robot

Better Wine Thanks to a Wine Sensing Robot

The VineRobot monitors crabs (Photo credit: Asociación RUVID)

VineRobot is a new precision monitoring robot for vineyards. The mid-sized autonomous vehicle tracks moisture, sunlight and other important conditions for farmers to use to extrapolate the best time to pick grapes. Automation and monitoring like this are becoming more and more valuable in agriculture to maximize crop production while minimizing costs.

(via Tech Times)

Phidgets will be back next Sunday with more information about new sensor technologies and their applications. Have you heard some great news? Tell us about it in the comments.


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