Priming and Painting the Garden

The clock is ticking to get the interactive garden up and running. So far, all tests have been really successful, and the parts for the final installation are coming together, but the LEDs and acrylic rod have yet to arrive, and that’s a bit scary.

Instead of drilling each hole by hand, we’ll be using a CNC machine. I figured out how to write a .pat file and gave it a try. After fixing a couple mistakes, it seems to do the job, although the plywood is prone to chipping on the reverse side. We’ll run a test with the painted wood too see if the problem persists. We’ll also try making sure the board is more flush with the supports underneath.

drilling test

We tried drilling with a CNC machine. The results came out 80 percent successful.

I painted the fourteen boards that we’ll be using and drilling in the next week. Inspired by an interactive garden made by Guastovino, I hope to use moss on the base, but knowing that time is of the essence, I don’t want to rely on it.

painted grass boards

There are fourteen boards that will hold the “grass”.

We’ve re-analysed the LED setup again, deciding to control squares of LEDS (probably about 40)  at once. I didn’t get the circuit diagram done yet, nor have I done any testing, but that will be happening this weekend, so stay tuned.

Finally, the colouring of the flower bulbs is also coming along. I printed off some pictures of flowers to trace onto the shrink plastic. They all look quite different and are tedious to make, but it’s a nice result without having to pay too much. Related to the flower bulbs, I tried out a 3609 super flux LED for the light, and it works great. The beam is quite wide (90˚) and it’s bright enough to light up the reasonably dark room I was testing it in. I almost wish I didn’t have it hooked up to a computer at the time so I could use it to guide me around.

super flux LED wired

The 3609 super flux white LED proves a promising solution for the flower stalks

If you missed it, check out last weeks post: Finding the Right Tools for the Garden. Or, find the whole journey by following the interactive garden tag and don’t miss all the pictures and videos from the final presentation.


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