The Garden Makes Sounds

Although I don’t have too many  updates for the interactive garden this week, I did get some work done on the sounds that will be made when touching the flour stalks and moving the grass. Right now, the sounds are just samples I found buried on my computer, but I expect to work on making the sounds more dynamic, distorted and interesting next week. The program, written in Max/MSP, will be easy to scale up once I add more sensors.

Unfortunately, the IR motion sensor is useless for detecting movement of non-heat radiating plexiglass. I will be trying some other alternatives next week, including a vibration sensor, force sensor and distance sensors.

Tracking down weathered fence boards and LEDs is going okay. I think I’ve got both secured, but need them to make them to me in good time, so fingers crossed. Overseas shipping is always risky and takes too long, but American products are more than twice the price, although they do (usually) arrive much quicker.


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