Why We Put Viruses in Our Libraries

Because the Russian hackers pay us so much to do it.

The results of lots of different virus scans!

The results of lots of different virus scans – no malware found in the Phidgets libraries, hurrah!

But in all seriousness, the issue of “viruses” in our library has come up. One of our customers’ virus scanners raised warnings based on their predictive and “intelligent” virus detection algorithms. This allows them to try and thwart a virus even before human researchers have found and classified the code or executable as such.

Depending on how the anti-virus software goes about heuristically detecting a virus, it may encounter false positives; where it indicates a safe piece of software is suspicious. The main reason virus scanners were  flipping out at the Phidgets libraries was because of how it was packaged. The libraries came as two archived files that automatically unpacked themselves when the executable was run. The problem is fixed now that the libraries are shipped as a single file and the need to unpack eliminated.

So, no need to worry, despite our attention grabbing headline, there are not and never have been any viruses in our libraries, but it’s one great story provided by the Phidgets support team.


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